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A horse brass is a brass plaque used for the decoration of horse harness gear, especially for shire and parade horses. They became popular in England from the mid-1800’s but with the general decline in the use of the draft horse they are now more commonly regarded as a collectors item. Leather martingales are used to mount the horse brasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: - Why do some brasses look ‘dirty’?

Answer: - Brass is made up of a mixture of Copper (Cu) and Tin (Sn).  It is fairly corrosion resistance but the surface does oxidise over time.  This surface discolouration is called the ‘patina’ and a naturally occurring patina gives some indication of age.  When we feel the patina is relevant to the piece we do NOT use polish.  If you want us to polish an ‘old’ brass before we send it to you please tell us.

Question: - What do you use to polish the brass?

Answer: - We use one of the major proprietary brands, either BRASSO or Goddard’s Long Term Brass & Copper Polish